About The Sports Concussion Programme

The Sports Concussion Programme specializes in providing Concussion Management Systems to organizations, schools and clubs. The key to the system is computerized concussion brain testing, which is supported by other important resources. We’ll tailor the system to meet your individual needs.

This international sports concussion initiative is the brainchild of A/Professor Ryan Kohler, a leading expert in the field of sports concussion with extensive experience in assisting professional teams participating in high-impact sports deal with concussion. The concussion information provided on this site is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between a patient/site visitor and his/her physician.”

The World’s First Mobile Concussion Management System

The world’s first fully mobile concussion management system designed to:

  • Identify the signs of concussion as soon after injury as possible using the Wallet Card Key Tag and FirstResponder™ App.
  • Assist in the recovery from and management of concussion using computerised concussion testing.
  • Connect those seeking medical advice on a concussion injury to a qualified medical practitioner in their vicinity.

Designed to Monitor and Assess Concussion in Sport

Our innovative concussion action plan pulls together all the resources required to evaluate, diagnose, monitor and recover from concussion.
You’ll discover extensive information on concussion, from typical symptoms, common treatment protocols to potential complications that can arise from concussion. Overall we aim to complement and not replace the physician-patient relationship in the context of sports concussion management.

Mission of the Website

The mission of the website is to bridge the gap between scientific concussion research and concussion practices carried out a grass roots level, by transferring knowledge in a form that the user and understand and use in different concussion situations.  The website is being customized to assist visually impaired users alt text for all image and testing for readability with Jaws Reader for Windows. To comply with industry standards, users with impaired hand function and unable to use a mouse are able to use a keyboard Tab Focus.

Target Audience

The target audience of this website being parents, coaches, teachers, school nurses, medical practitioners and allied health practitioners. The Sports Concussion Programme is targeting the 4 million+ registered community sports men, woman & children in Australia and 1.5 million in New Zealand. Preston Campbell as our programme ambassador leads our programme into Indigenous Australian sport. Well supported by Steve Divine (& Elton Flatley, who had to retire from rugby union due to concussions.

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