Make an appointment with your doctor right after a suspected sports concussion injury

Record Symptoms

Download the Symptom Assessment Form

Find out if the athlete or player feels any symptoms on a day-to-day basis that may mimic concussion symptoms. Document these symptoms before a concussion occurs. The symptom assessment forms part of secondary prevention in sport i.e. preparing. Individual symptom specific assessment in the event of concussion is compared to the baseline symptom assessment.

Documenting the number and severity of symptoms, is 1 of 3 important screening measures which include: symptom assessment, balance testing and brain function testing (CogState Test). Measuring the baseline scores of athlete or player’s test performance helps the medical doctor both diagnose concussion & track recovery after concussion.

Fill in the symptom assessment form ideally before the season starts or as soon as possible into the season before you have a head injury. Save  a copy for yourself and email a copy to your doctor.