Cogstate Test

What is it?

The Cogstate Concussion Test is an online test that measures brain function in athletes.

What does it do?

It measures the athletes’ reaction time, concentration and memory before concussion, allowing doctors to compare the result to the same test done when the athlete has concussion.

How does it work?

The athlete completes 4 tasks using simple playing cards. The test takes about 8 – 10 minutes to complete.

Task 1 – Simple Processing Speed
When the card turns over – press ‘K’ (Yes) as quickly as possible.

Task 2 – Attention
Is the card RED – press the ‘K’ (Yes) or ‘D’ (No)?

Task 3 – Learning
Have you seen the card being turned over any time before – press the ‘K’ (Yes) or ‘D’ (No)?

Task 4 – Working Memory
Does the card match the one shown directly before it – press the ‘K’ (Yes) or ‘D’ (No)?

Why do the Cogstate Baseline or After Injury Test?

Always being prepared for concussion is the name of the game. Your doctor will find it much easier to guide you back to school and sport at a speed that is right for your stage of brain recovery. Concussion can behave unpredictably and it’s helpful to know which athletes may:

  • Not report their symptoms.
  • Have current symptoms not believed to be due to brain injury.
  • Be overly anxious.
  • Have delayed brain function recovery and need further detailed testing with a neuropsychologist.
  • Need added assurance for aggressive return to play decisions in professional sport.

How often should your child do the Baseline Test?

Children & adolescents (the developing brain) – repeat yearly.
For adults older than 21 years – repeat every 2 years.

The unique benefits on the Sports Concussion Australasia™ website?

  • Select the precise number of Cogstate Baseline and Cogstate After Injury Tests you want or need to do.
  • No batch test buying required that wastes your valuable dollars.
  • Perform at a remote location in the comfort of your home, at school or at a medical practice
  • Perform the Baseline Test before concussion at any time during the sport season in the comfort of your own home.
  • The After Injury Test should be done in all cases of suspected concussion as part of a return to sport assessment.
  • The Baseline Test and After Injury Test can be compared when concussion occurs.
  • If the athlete is injured and no Cogstate Baseline Test exists, the Cogstate After Injury Test can be compared to similar age appropriate scores.
  • Ideally do a Practice Test to get used to how the test works.