CogSport is re-branded as Axon Sports

Its the same card test, with some neat improvements, just in a different wrapper – Axon Sports Test

International Approach

Computerised concussion testing is internationally recognised as one measure of readiness for a concussed player to return to contact training. For the past 12 years, CogSport has been the preferred computerised concussion test used in Australia and New Zealand. In 2010, CogState Sport acquired the majority share of Axon Sports, a company based in the United States. Since this time, the Axon Sports Computerised Concussion Test has been developed as an improved & re-branded version of CogSport.

New Initiative

The Sports Concussion Programme partnered with Axon Sports in a uniquely Australian initiative. This partnership achieves an important objective: easy & affordable access to computerised concussion testing across all sports at all levels. In a world first, the Axon Sports computerised concussion assessment tool can be accessed and completed via the SCP website. Team physicians can benefit from a number of added features:

  • Order the exact number of tests you require – no more bulk buying which can waste tests & money.
  • Email test vouchers and a test link directly to players for them to complete the test.
  • Have test reports returned automatically to your email account as soon as the player completes the test.
  • Not pay for any Invalid Test reports from players.
  • Cheaper tests.
  • Tests are secure & strictly confidential for the account holder.

Clinical Benefits

  • Detect cognitive recovery which lags symptom resolution.
  • Receive objective data on cognitive recovery.
  • Track cognitive function over time in athletes with multiple concussions.
  • Add an extra piece to the concussion management puzzle.
  • Identify athletes who need complex testing by a neuropsychologist.
  • Takes 8-10 min to complete.
  • Identify athletes who may under report symptoms to keep playing.
  • Younger players may not recognise the symptoms of concussion.
  • Culturally & language neutral using well known playing cards.
  • Software checks can detect purposeful manipulation of reaction time.
  • Medico-legal support in difficult concussion cases.

Last Updated 21 November 2013