Critical Role of Coaches in Concussion Care

The Sports Concussion Programme™ presents at Coach Courses

Coaches have a vital role to play in recognizing concussion, being alert to the warning signs, referring players to medical care, being involved in rehabilitation and insisting on final medical clearance from a medical doctor before the player is involved in contact training.

Elite coaches should gain insight into the most recent advances in concussion care. More importantly they should assist community sport coaches understand concussion. The Sports Concussion Programme provides  practical tools in order to deliver competent care in support of player welfare.

The International Rugby Boards (IRB) concussion guidelines clearly states that no player who is suspected of concussion should return to the field on the same day.

At community level, return to play after concussion should be conservative i.e. preferentially take longer than sooner. In under resourced sporting areas (non elite), the player should only start team training a minimum of 2 weeks after symptoms have disappeared.


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Last Updated 9 November 2013

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