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In one easy step, set up your organizations comprehensive A Z Concussion Management System

Concussion Policy Document

  • Screening
  • Education requirements
  • Head & Neck Emergency Action Plan
  • Concussion Treatment Plan
  • Medical Network
  • Communication lines
  • Medical Clearance Certificate

Concussion Screening

Traditional screening methods in sport medicine can be biased towards finding abnormalities or disease that intend to exclude an athlete from playing different sports – for their own safety. This is not the case when it comes to sports concussion screening.

Screening measurements are taken when athletes are declared to be fit to play their respective sport. The measurements are not intended to find reasons to stop an athlete playing their chosen sport. Various health care providers are suitably qualified to take these measurements both before and after a suspected concussion. After a suspected concussion, these basic measurements are useful to the doctor to diagnose and manage recovery of concussion.

It is the authors view that many of these health care providers are perfectly situated in the community to make the largest contribution to community concussion care.  Allocate appointments times in clinical practice to perform concussion screening assessments. A 30 minute consultation should easily cover all the screening requirements. Registered nurses (medical practice & schools), Physiotherapists and Athletic Trainers are well suited to this role.



Last update: 1 January 2014

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