New Zealand All Black Steve Devine

Played 10 Tests for the All Blacks

Played 148 First Class games for Auckland and the Blues

Retired in 2007 due to series of concussions

Experiences after retiring from rugby union

“During my rugby playing career, I took a number of hits that caused concussions. This caused a number of ongoing problems later in day to day life, headaches and vision difficulty. In New Zealand, many thousands of school kids play the game week in and week out. It is very important that the youngsters know the symptoms of concussion and tell your coaches and parents early.

Don’t try to hide or ignore the way you are feeling.  Going back to making rugby tackles and being tackled when you are not 100% is dangerous. Always see a medical doctor for the go ahead to start rugby training. Start every season with a baseline brain function test using Axon Sports. It’s not about being a tough guy and playing through concussion.

All our brains are the same, they are soft jelly that needs time to recover.Get all the help you need for concussion by joining Doc Kohler and his team Sports Concussion Team.”