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FirstResponder™ App is a free concussion app compatible with handheld mobile devices.

It is based on touchscreen technology and provides a record of vital concussion related information that can be emailed to a medical professional to enable accurate diagnosis.

Designed for use by any responsible adult, the FirstResponder™ App delivers rapid concussion test results on the sidelines.

What is FirstResponder™ App?

It is a fast, efficient and mobile concussion screening test comprising:

  • A record of detailed athlete-specific information.
  • A series of yes or no questions relating to the physical signs of concussion.
  • A cluster of simple memory related pictures.
  • A comprehensive symptoms assessment.
  • A direct link which guides the first responder to the nearest medical doctor.

Benefits of FirstResponder™ App

  • A mobile app compatible with Apple and Android handheld devices.
  • Rapid touchscreen enabled concussion screening produces results within two minutes.
  • Concussion test results can be emailed directly from your mobile device to a medical doctor.
  • Generates a comprehensive record of concussion for future reference.
  • Assists you in recognising the signs of concussion.
  • Instantly advises when a concussion is suspected in an athlete.
  • Provides a warning when hospital treatment is required.
  • Supplies a map link to the nearest medical doctor.
  • Free to download and easy to use.

Get the FirstResponder™ App now.

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