Buy how many?

Individual Test Purchase

Mums & Dads can purchase Cogstate Baseline Tests for $ 7.00 AUD each.

Save the Baseline Test Report on your computer and / or email a copy to your medical doctor.

If the Baseline Test returns an “Invalid Test”, refer to “How to Pass the Cogstate Test” before you try the test again.

Your will not be charged the test credit for an “Invalid Test”.

In the event that your child (or you) is hit on the head and concussion is confirmed or suspected, purchase the Cogstate After Injury Test for $ 7.00 AUD.

Complete the test as part of your doctors overall care for you.

Your doctor will decide when & how you can go back to school and give you written medical clearance to go back to your sport.

Team Sports Group Purchases

To spend accurately, we offer the following advice to parents, coaches and administrators providing concussion tests to groups of athletes.

The number of Baseline Tests you need to purchase will be determined by the number of athletes in the group / team.

Approximately 10-15% of the athletes in your team/ group will need to do the After Injury Test per season.

Approximately half of those will need at least 2 After Injury Tests in order to map the brain’s recovery over time.

Working example

You are the coach for your club’s basketball team which has 18 players in the squad for that season:

Baseline Tests: 18 @ $ 7 = $ 126 AUD

Est. After Injury Tests: 3 @ $ 7 = $ 21 AUD

Est. 1 athlete needs extra: 1 @ $ 7 AUD

Total cost = $ 154 AUD