Send Voucher Codes to athletes & players

As the account holder you baseline test a team or squad of athletes.

Make sure that you have enough test credits in your account to test the number of athletes in the team.

Click on “Create & Share Test Vouchers”.

Fill in the “Full Name” and “Email” of the athlete and click “Generate Voucher”

Continue to add more athletes by filling in their Full Name and Email and clicking on “Generate Voucher”

When you have created all the vouchers that you need, click on “Email Test Voucher”.

A confirmation message will appear saying that the emails have been sent.

The athlete will receive an email with a link to the test page and their unique Voucher Number.

Create a Test Voucher for an athlete

When the athlete clicks on the link in their email, they will be taken to the page below. The athlete enters

their unique voucher number into the space highlighted. Again they put in their full name, email, date

of birth and gender. These details will appear at the top of the report and identify the report as theirs.

Voucher Holder Enters Details

As the account folder (coach, teacher, parent, physio, doctor etc), click on “Test History” to view progress.

When an athlete has completed the test, “Status” will read “Complete”. Both the account holder and the

athlete, will receive an email with the Axon Sports Test report attached as a PDF.

If the athlete has not yet completed the test, the “Status” will read “Pending”.

Account Holder views Test History