Partners in Concussion Care


Axon Sports provides computerised testing of reaction time, memory and concentration. All of which can be disturbed in concussion.

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“CogState endorsers and fully supports The Sports Concussion Programme through the provision of the Axon Sports Computerised Cognitive Assessment Tool on the Sports Concussion Programme’s website. CogState believes The Sports Concussion Programme has the capacity to execute the effective delivery of concussion resources to the community.” Brad O Connor CEO CogState 


Sportscover is a sports insurance company based in Melbourne Australia

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Sportscover is Australia’s largest sports insurance company supports The Sports Concussion Programme.  Grassroots community sport needs the resources to manage concussion better.


RecordPro is a software system that is able to capture sport injury information and store it securely.

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Leading the way in Sports Injury Analysis, RecordPro has partnered with The Sports Concussion Programme, by incorporating the FirstResponder App

RecordPro takes concussion seriously and wants to equip all those who use it, with the latest & best to recognise concussion.


Sports Concussion South Africa is a community based concussion programme in South Africa.

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Be prepared for your sports season and take the Axon Sports Baseline concussion test with The Sports Concussion Programme



Synapseis a charity that supports athletes with head injury and concussion.

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support The Sports Concussion Programme by following them on Facebook & Twitter.





Neck Safe C Spine Immobilisation Programme for correct field-side care

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The Neck Safe Programme provides doctors, allied health, parents and coaches with the skills, training and most importantly – confidence to professionally manage a potential C spine injury at a sporting event.

Last updated 10 February 2014

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