HeadSmart Re-Start Exercise

Download the Back To Exercise Program 

The Back To Exercise Programme is a concise 5 step programme that takes a concussed athlete through a progressively higher intensity of exercise (duration and heart rate intensity). A concussion symptom check list is part of the package, enabling observers to check off any signs or symptoms of concussion.

Best Practice

Should the athlete show or describe any symptoms at any stage of the program, he or she will not be allowed to return to sport. If new concussion symptoms arise, it’s crucial the individual rest for a period of 24 hours before attempting the same exercise challenge stage.

Once an athlete has successfully negotiated all five steps, he or she will be required to obtain final medical clearance from a medical doctor.

Optimizing Concussion Recovery Time

The Back To Exercise Programme is one of the three Sports Concussion Programme designed concussion recovery tools which, together with our Axon Sports Baseline computer test, Axon Sports After Injury test, our free to download FirstResponder App and concussion card key tag, identifies the symptoms of concussion and optimizes concussion recovery time.