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Download the Back To School Programme 

The Back To School Programme is one of three concussion recovery tools provided by The Sports Concussion Programme to optimize concussion recovery.

Effective Communication between Dr, School Nurse and Teacher

The program is interactive & prescriptive, acting as an online communication & feedback link between medical doctor and school nurse. The school nurse is able to implement a plan for a specific day – pass this onto the teacher – and based on teacher feedback – plan the following day. Concussion symptoms, time in sick back and the scholar that needs to go home, are all recorded on the form. This form can be emailed to the medical doctor as a means of effective communication & monitoring. Remember, an athlete who returns to school prematurely is at risk of a delay in recovery (post-concussion syndrome).

In conjunction with rapid and reliable concussion tests, treatment protocols and other concussion recovery tools, the Back To School Programme should be part of any concussion management strategy.

Why a Back → To → School Programme is so important

  • Symptoms of concussion can deteriorate with normal learning activities.
  • Students with concussion look completely normal, hence the difficulty in recognizing on-going concussion symptoms.
  • Academically driven students who fail to accept recommendations may endure longer concussion recovery time.
  • Increasing work load too quickly can be detrimental to recovery.