Balance & Visual Training

Concussion Treatment AustraliaBalance & Vision Training is a combined Sports Concussion Programme and Head Knocks Rehab designed concussion recovery tool targeting balance and vision post-concussion.

It comprises a ten step exercise program that, when supervised by a physiotherapist, enables the safe return of the athlete to the field of play. Book to see your closest physiotherapist as soon as possible to actively play a part in your recovery.

Balance and Vision Re-training forms part of a comprehensive concussion management plan, along with:

  • Baseline and after injury concussion tests.
  • Medicinal treatment of symptoms.
  • Complementary concussion tools that evaluate concussion recovery.

Program Best Practice

It is recommended athletes commence Balance & Vision exercises  72 hours after injury and continue for at least 28 days.

Any athlete who exhibits typical signs of concussion, or deteriorating symptoms, is required to stop the session, rest for 24 hours and return to the specific session for a symptom free re-run.

Why Balance & Visual Skills are So Important

  • Up to 81 percent of concussed individuals report dizziness and balance problems in the first 24 to 48 hours after injury.
  • Dizziness can persist up to three months post-trauma in approximately 18 percent of cases.
  • Balance tests are useful evaluation tools up to 28 days post concussion.
  • Balance training programs have proved to be effective at treating dizziness and improving balance following head trauma.

The Balance & Vision programme is currently being updated and will be available in the near future.