Wallet Key Card Concussion Recognition

An important part of the Concussion FirstAid Kit is the Wallet Key Card. Asking the 5 memory questions on the card can help recognise concussion in a sportsperson with a head injury. This is a simple, free and user-friendly concussion tool that fits in your wallet and/or onto your key ring. By questioning athletes immediately after an on-field incident, parents, coaches, medical professionals and other responsible adults can quickly determine whether normal brain function has been affected by an impact.

What does the Wallet Key Card provide you with?
• A series of simple memory questions to assess brain function.
• A concise list of warning signs that suggest a serious head injury (structural brain injury).
• A  quick response (QR) code map that finds the closest medical doctor to your current location.

The Benefits

• The questions are specific to the sport you participate in (team vs individual sport)
•  A convenient design that fits into a wallet, pocket or onto a key ring.
• Rapid results within 30 seconds.

A list of memory questions displayed on a card can fit into your wallet

Team Sport Wallet Card & Key Tag

Wallet Card Key Tag has Kohler's memory questions that are specific for Individual sport competitor

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Concussion Tool Disclaimer:

  • No concussion tool is 100% sensitive & specific for the diagnosis of concussion.
  • A doctors sound clinical judgement, specialist training and gut feel take priority over any concussion tool.
  • Non medical persons using concussion tools should put the athletes health first.
  • Be conservative at all times.
  • Remember “If in Doubt, sit them Out”