What to do if Cogstate report is “Invalid”

What happens if the test is “Invalid”?

A test credit will not be deducted from your account.
A responsible adult (supervisor) should observe the athlete performing a “Practice Test” and offer advice to the athlete where appropriate. A responsible adult includes a Parent or Guardian, a Teacher, Coach, Athletic Trainer, Nurse or a Doctor.

Reasons for Invalid Test:

  • Reacting too slowly in order to be 100% accurate.
  • Reacting too fast and having many wrong.
  • Using the wrong keys for Yes and No.
  • Being emotionally upset and tired.
  • Not being motivated to do well and rushing through the test to get it done.
  • Intentionally trying to produce a poor Baseline Test result.

Take Home Message

The Cogstate computerised concussion test has built in software that can detect when the athlete is trying to perform less than their best on the test. Trying to intentionally react slower creates a wide variability the response to the cards which is not possible for the athlete to control. An “Invalid Report” will be generated.