Benefits of Computerised Brain Function Testing

Be PREPARED for any concussion situation and complete an  Axon Baseline Tests on all your players, sooner rather than later.

Benefits of Pre-Concussion Computerised Brain Testing

Complications can occur if the player is returned to play before they have recovered from their concussion.  Consider baseline computerised brain function testing because this testing:

  • Readily available and cost effective.
  • Detects when impaired brain function lasts longer than the athlete has symptoms.
  • Precisely measures reaction time.
  • Provides objective information about the players recovery.
  • Has in built sophisticated software checks that detect when a players is purposefully performing poorly, especially on baseline testing.
  • Provides extra information in players with multiple concussions.
  • Helps to find those players with delayed brain function recovery who need more detailed testing with a neuropsychologist.
  • Is a useful add-on to clinical assessment and judgement.
  • Provides added assurance for fast tracking return to play decisions in professional sport.
  • Is easy to administer and takes a short time.
  • Helps when athletes under reports their symptoms in order to keep playing.
  • Younger players may not recognise the symptoms of concussion.
  • Athletes may be overly anxious.
  • Can be of medico-legal benefit to show that all available resources were used in a concussion case.

Real Life Experience

Concussion outcomes can be unpredictable. Athletes in contact & collision sport should have an Axon Sports baseline test before injury. This practice improves the ability of doctors to manage athletes back to sport safely. Objective information about the athletes brain function is one part of overall care.

As an international team physician, I found baseline and after injury computerised testing very helpful. Individualized comparisons of brain function improved the accuracy of my return to play decisions. Players self reporting of their symptoms is subjective. The team physician is relying on the honesty of the player when asked to answer questions about having concussion symptoms. The objective data that the Axon test provided was one valuable piece of the return to play puzzle. This practice provided medico legal support that I was making use of all available reliable tools for informed return to play decisions.



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